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Sales Agent

Job Description:

The Sales Engineer will play a pivotal role in promoting and selling our agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery to clients in the Philippines. This role requires knowledge of the bidding process, a strong understanding of the company’s products and machinery, and the ability to engage in effective sales conversations. We offer a comprehensive training program to ensure success in this role.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Bidding Process Knowledge:

● Understand and navigate the bidding process for government and private sector projects.

● Collaborate with the sales team to identify and pursue bidding opportunities.


2. Product Expertise:

● Develop in-depth knowledge of our agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery.

● Stay updated on industry trends and competitors' offerings.


3. Sales and Relationship Building:

● Engage with clients in an extroverted and persuasive manner, effectively conveying the benefits of our products.

● Build and maintain strong client relationships to secure repeat business.


4. Bidding Preparation:

● Assist in the preparation of bids, ensuring compliance with project requirements and deadlines.

● Collaborate with the sales team to create competitive bids. 5. Government Projects and Agricultural Agencies: ● Establish and nurture relationships with Local Government Units (LGUs), the Department of Agriculture (DA), and other agricultural agencies.

● Stay informed about government projects, funding opportunities, and industry regulations.


● Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as agricultural engineering or a related discipline.

● Knowledge of the bidding process, particularly for agricultural projects.

● Strong product knowledge of agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery.

● Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage in persuasive sales conversations.

● Willingness to learn and adapt.

● Proactive, results-driven, and customer-oriented.

● Prior experience in a sales or related role within the industry (preferred but not mandatory).

● Fresh graduates with a passion for the industry are also welcome and will undergo comprehensive training.

● Possess a valid driver license and capable of driving to various client locations as needed


Training Program:

              Mega SK offers a comprehensive training program for Sales Engineers, ensuring that both experienced professionals and fresh graduates have the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this role. We provide ongoing support and development opportunities to help you reach your full potential.



● Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses.

● Opportunities for career advancement.

● Comprehensive training program.

● Collaborative and dynamic work environment

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