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Business Development Technical Officer for Industrial Machineries

Job Description:

The Business Development Technical Researcher will be a key player in identifying growth opportunities, generating leads for new products, and managing relationships with suppliers and customers within the agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery sector. This role requires in-depth industry knowledge, familiarity with competitors, and the ability to proactively explore new business avenues.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Market Insights and Analysis:

   a. Stay informed about industry trends, competitor activities, and market developments.

   b. Continuously monitor the needs and preferences of the target market.

   c. Keep in touch with sales agents to know the market trends and good products. Conduct your own research         and go to the field to discover market trends and good products.

   d. Know the price that other importer competitors are selling for in the market. Get information

       from competitors.

  e. Know products from other competitors and know which are sold well with volume.

2. Lead Generation:

   a. Identify potential leads and opportunities for new products.

   b. Collaborate with the sales team to recommend suitable products to meet customer demands.


3. Supplier Sourcing:

    a. Proactively seek out and evaluate potential suppliers for new products.

    b. Communicate product specifications and requirements to new suppliers.

4. Product Knowledge:

    a. Have a deep understanding of market demands and product specifications.

    b. Collaborate with the technical team to ensure product specifications meet market needs.

5. Presentation and Proposal:

   a. Prepare and confidently present product proposals to upper management or the executive board.

   b. Make informed recommendations about product feasibility and success in the market. Include all

       specifications we should carry, the number of units that can be sold per receipt, the price that other

       competitors are selling for.

6. Brand Development:

   a. Collaborate with the marketing team to create and develop brand strategies.

   b. Contribute to discussions on brand names, product packaging, and marketing materials, aligned with


7. Procurement Handover:

   a. Hand over procurement responsibilities, including supplier communication, to the company's purchaser

       once supplier relationships and product needs with full specifications are established.


● Bachelor's degree in a related field such as industrial engineering.

● Proven experience in business development or a related role within the agricultural, industrial, or construction machinery industry.

● Excellent knowledge of industry competitors, market trends, and customer preferences.

● Strong industry connections and the ability to gather market information.

● Demonstrated ability to identify new business opportunities and generate leads.

● Proficiency in product specification analysis.

● Strong presentation and communication skills.

● Proactive, self-motivated, and results oriented.


• Competitive salary

• Opportunities for career advancement

• Collaborative and Dynamic work environment

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