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Procurement Supervisor

Job Overview:

As a Procurement Supervisor at Mega SK, you will play a crucial role in overseeing the procurement process, ensuring the availability of top-quality products that Mega SK offers. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding and familiarity with the products sold by Mega SK. If you are an agile and effective leader with a keen eye for good deals and the ability to lead a team to success, we invite you to contribute to Mega SK's continued success.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Product Knowledge: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the products sold by Mega SK, including agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery.


2. Procurement Leadership: Lead and supervise the procurement team, ensuring timely and cost-effective acquisition of products while maintaining high standards of quality.


3. Deal Identification: Proactively identify and evaluate potential procurement opportunities, negotiating favorable terms and conditions to secure advantageous deals for Mega SK.


4. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment between procurement, sales, and operations, fostering an integrated and efficient workflow.


5. Strategic Procurement: Develop and implement procurement strategies that align with Mega SK's business goals, ensuring the availability of products to meet customer demand.


6. Vendor Management: Establish and maintain strong relationships with vendors, negotiating terms, resolving issues, and continuously evaluating supplier performance.


7. Market Insights: Keep upper management informed about market trends, competitor activities, and emerging opportunities or challenges in the industry. Work in line with the business development team to keep abreast of market trends.


8. Budget Adherence: Work closely with the finance department to ensure procurement activities align with budgetary constraints while optimizing cost efficiencies.


● Proven experience as a Procurement Supervisor or in a similar role.

● In-depth knowledge and familiarity with products sold by Mega SK, particularly in agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery.

● Strong negotiation skills with a track record of securing favorable deals.

● Leadership abilities, with experience leading and motivating a procurement team.

● Agility and effectiveness in responding to changing market conditions.

● Excellent communication skills to interact with vendors, internal teams, and upper management.

● Analytical mindset and attention to detail.



● Competitive salary.

● Opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

● Collaborative and inclusive work environment.

If you are a proactive and experienced Procurement Supervisor with a passion for securing advantageous deals and leading a high-performing team, Mega SK invites you to apply and contribute to our commitment to delivering top-quality products.

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