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Billing & Collection Specialist

Job Description:

As a Billing and Collections Specialist, your primary responsibility is to ensure accurate and timely sending of statement of accounts to customer, as well as the effective collection of payments from customers or clients. You will play a crucial role in maintaining positive cash flow and minimizing outstanding receivables for the organization.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Statement of Accounts: Prepare and send Statement of Accounts to customers as early as 60 days past due to remind them and give them ample time to prepare payments.


2. Collections: Actively follow-up with customers who have overdue balances thru phone calls. Emails, Viber and other communication channel to remind of their outstanding debts, sending payment reminders and providing payment options such as but not limited to online/bank transfer, Gcash, and check payments.


3. Aging Analysis: Review and categorized customers by the length of time they’ve been overdue to prioritized collection effort.


4. Reporting and Analysis:

• Provide weekly collection report to update the status of accounts receivable.

• Anticipated amount of Uncollected Invoices

• Number of invoices and Percentage of Funds over 180 days past due

• Number of unapplied Credit Memos over 180 days

• Create Top 5 best paying customer of the month per industry (Agriculture, Industrial, etc)


• Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/Business Accounting or Finance

• Female, not more than 40 years old

• With 3-5 years experience in billing, collections, or a similar financial role

• Excellent communication and negotiation skills

• Detail-oriented and able to work with a high degree of accuracy

• Ability to multitask, prioritize, and organize efficiently

Other Task Assigned:

1. Commission: Generate agent sales for a particular month for commission computation.

2. Other Task assigned from time to time.


• Competitive salary

• Opportunities for career advancement

• Collaborative and Dynamic work environment

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